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Short Stories
Marigold Andres Uy

For Richer, For Richest (An Excerpt)

Braxton Albrecht Neumann is one of the multi-billionaire heirs of a German elite family and Sojiro Natsume is a police officer tasked to arrest him. by his desire to go home and be with his mother for possibly the last time, Braxton teams up with Sojiro to solve the murder cases and clear his name.

Two years later, a budding businesswoman, Chrysta Ainsworth tells him about Julian Blackwood, the criminal who threatens every multi-million business owner. She and Braxton agree to team up to find a way to expose his crimes to the public and while Braxton doesn’t really show much interest in dating in general, Chrysta finds herself falling in love.

The final part focuses on Ban as a family man. When he thinks everything is going picture perfect, Hugh, his most trusted butler, has betrayed them. He goes home with his family to Germany to look for answers about this sudden turn of events and finds out that the problem runs deeper into the Neumann family’s past.

LitArt Hub Featured Image Biktima
Riza Comilang


The poem Biktima is about bullying. It is written by Riza Comilang

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Hezekiah Louie Zaraspe

Man or Beast? by Hezekiah Louie Zaraspe

Man or Beast examines the players of a political landscape, showing how they derive and manipulate power to keep it from slipping off of their hands.

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Titan Callisto

I Fell In Love With God by Titan Callisto

The poem is an expression of anger towards someone with whom the poet fell in love with, but now, had fallen out of, depicting a relationship where the other person thought of him as nothing.

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Jeffrey Delfin

Dark Angel by Jeffrey Delfin

A gothic themed photo shoot with model Ms. Daisy Chavez at Tropical Paradise Resort in Botolan, Zambales.

The Child reading
Naszer Nebres

The Child by Naszer Nebres

Problems in life will just come anytime. We can’t control that. But like the child in this artwork, it’s always our choice to be full of joy every single time.


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