Three Haikus

three haikus by mayumi cruz background

Three Haikus MAYUMI CRUZ turquoise water creepover black ugly pebblesembraced by sea foam.amid the howlingwind, can you hear the soft sighof a lover’s heart?the worms crawl out ofthe ground, the soil celebratesit’s rendered fertile.

Embracing Change

Embracing Change Mayumi Cruz Medium: Acrylic/Gold Leaf When we learn to embrace change in a positive way, we turn the bleak to bright, the dark to color. And eventually, brightness will defeat the bleak, and color will cover up the darkness. 

8Letters LitFest: Encouraging Indie

LitArt DigiMag Feature Article

8Letters Bookstore and Publishing’s Annual LitFest introduces writers to the world of self-publishing and how it allows them to embrace their passion for writing. The LitFest is also a treat for readers, because 8Letters introduces unfamiliar voices with unique storytelling.

House No. 57 (Part 1 of ??)

“I will defy my fate in the same way they denied my destiny.” Lucilla looks at the black liquid and into the abyss of her cup, weighing on the dream that woke her. She wonders what the dream means, especially its peculiar timing. The woman’s words echoes in her head, her defiant face embedded in […]

Berdeng Likido

Matapos lumubog ang araw ay unti-unti nang nilalamon ng kadiliman ang buong kalangitan, ang kaninang kahel na langit ay mabilis pinaligiran ng maitim na mga ulap, hudyat ito na kailangan ko nang sindihan ang gasera na magsisilbing liwanag sa madilim naming tahanan. Mahigit tatlong dekada na rin kaming naninirahan sa mataas na bundok sa Barakayat, […]


LitArt Magazine Shadow by Mira Jaudalso

A bolt of lightning flashed across the gloomy gray-blue sky and was followed by a loud sound of thunder. It frightened Luna for a moment. Her eyes shifted towards the southbound lane to check if the bus was coming. She saw nothing. The sky was beginning to turn dark over the horizon. It seemed a […]


It’s thisthing. Perhaps you ‘ve heard of it.It’s—the space between mirrors facing each other the endless, crystalline gatewaynot meant for travelling,where cold voices speakof disenchantment. What do they say?what did I say? A length of fabricdrops between usand pools by our feet. Our breaths echoingthese cement walls—Are you still facing me?Which side are you on? Do […]

Tula | Angelo ni Chay Mendioro

Angelo <h2>Chay Mendioro</h2> <b><i>”Pag-ibig na labag sa langit ay itutuloy sa lupa; langit ang magtatakda. <br /></i></b><b><i>Subalit, pag-ibig at tadhana ay babaguhin ng isang sumpa.”</i></b> Ako si Angelo, isang anghel, sugo ng liwanag. Sa sinumpaang tungkulin hindi inaasahang lalabag. Umibig sa isang tao, nagkasala; subalit walang anumang pagsisisi sa nagawa. Sa langit ako’y tumakas. Malapad na […]

Embrace Editorial

litart digimag embrace editorial

Dear Readers, Change is inevitable. It’s part of being human, the cycle of life as we know it. It thus follows that adjusting to change is equally inevitable. But when change involves every one and everything around us—the entire world—adjusting to change can be challenging in a global scale. The catalyst, of course, is Co-Vid […]