POEM | Dive

Darkness crept.

Inch by inch
Engulfing her,
Of being swallowed

Until she suffocated.

No escape,
She can’t hide.
So she let go
And dive.

Down into the abyss.

In the darkness
She searched
For light
Or salvation.

She found a young girl.

The one who hopes,
Someone who loves;
Always believing
Even when no one does.

The old self she misses.

The one who sees colors
Despite the darkness.
The one who uses black
To paint a rainbow.

It opened her eyes.

So, she used the shadows
Made them her ink
To weave colorful prose
And enchanting stories.

They gave her life.

When gloom threatens
To engulf her anew,
She used the black
To paint her own rainbow.

Within herself, she dives.

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