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Embrace Editorial

Dear Readers,

Change is inevitable. It’s part of being human, the cycle of life as we know it. It thus follows that adjusting to change is equally inevitable.

But when change involves every one and everything around us—the entire world—adjusting to change can be challenging in a global scale.

The catalyst, of course, is Co-Vid 19, the dreaded virus which sneaked into and caught us unawares, rocking the very core of civilised living, and redefining our way of life. Nowadays, we put on masks and face shields, we practice physical distancing even with our loved ones, we meet through computer monitors and television screens. We talk over phone lines, we study and work together from the safety of our homes, and we watch avidly for any medical breakthrough that can give us even a sliver of hope that this virus can be obliterated, and life, as we know it, will return back to normal.

But while it hasn’t, how do we adjust? It can be too easy to succumb to feelings of anxiety, frustration, grief, anger, or helplessness. These emotions are reasonable and must not be underrated. Yet there is a much easier, better way to cope, adapt, and survive.

We can choose to embrace change.

Instead of wallowing in negative, ugly emotions, choose to find beauty and joy around you. Appreciate more the things you took for granted, the moments you thought were not significant. Take action on things that you haven’t accomplished, much less finished. Write that book. Paint that masterpiece. Create that poem. Sing your heart out. Dance to the beat of the drums, imaginary or otherwise. Make yourself busy with positive thoughts, encouraging words, and kind deeds. Because however powerful the virus can be, it can never defeat the power of the human spirit. We can embrace the wisdom of the moment and learn from it.

In this first issue of LitArt Hub’s DigiMag, we also choose to embrace.

We embrace the diversity of talent and skills of each writer, poet and artist in this issue. We recognise and accept their uniqueness amid the vast universe of millions of shining, brilliant creatives. And we believe each work in this maiden issue deserves a right to be published, read and viewed.

We hope you’ll choose to embrace them, too.

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