Heal My Heart

Gil Mar Moriones

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“Luzon will be under Enhanced Community Quarantine.” Like watching suspense films, I felt my fear mount when I heard the late evening news. The pandemic wasn’t a movie. This was real.

But it was no use getting all worked up. I calmed myself and went to bed. It had been a long day. I was done with my case presentation with a client, but it seemed that all of my appointments will be canceled since the restrictions for the quarantine were on the roll already.

I woke up to a text from my boss, saying we have a Zoom meeting later at nine in the morning. I peeked through my window to get a view of the streets. There were no jeeps and public transport. Already, the military was setting up their positions to establish checkpoints. 

I checked my pending work in my online calendar until I saw a new folder of documents in the batch of submissions. Curious, I scanned the contents. I was shocked speechless by what I read. It was not only about the case. It was about the parties involved. 

The sound of the incoming email broke the silence of my current state. It was from my boss. It read: “Atty. Lee, please do me a favor and send these documents to our new client. She’s filing for an annulment. The details are attached. Thank you and stay safe!” 

Two years ago when I took the bar exams, we were happy. Or so I thought. I was content. I couldn’t have asked for more. She was my inspiration who spurred my fierce determination to pass and become a lawyer.

The last Sunday of my exams was our third year anniversary. Wanting to surprise her, I bought her flowers and went straight to her apartment afterward. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I felt a sudden jolt in my chest. A premonition that something bad was going to happen.

I freely entered her apartment since I knew her passcode. The kitchen and the living room were empty, so I went straight to her bedroom. I didn’t expect what I saw. She was sleeping. Beside her was a man I recognized from college, and they were both naked. 

I dropped all my gifts on the floor. She woke up at the sound and was equally shocked at my presence.

I left her house in tears and drowned my sorrows in alcohol. I passed the Bar, but it meant nothing to me. For almost eight months, I drank myself into oblivion. 

Slowly, I came to my senses and finally got back into shape. I worked as a legal assistant to one of the famous law firms in the country and threw myself into work. I was quickly promoted to a junior associate.

I forgot about her and did not try to know anything about her anymore.  

And now I was holding her annulment papers. 

I emailed her and relayed the message of my boss. Not surprisingly, she requested a video call. 

I was shocked and speechless when her face appeared on the screen. 

“Hi,” she spoke first. 

“Hello, Vanessa, how are you?” I asked. 

We caught up with each other after two years. She married the guy whom I caught her sleeping with when she got pregnant. She suddenly got emotional as she told me about her bad experience with that guy. 

“We were never the happy family I dreamed of,” she said. “So I filed for our annulment with your firm. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have cheated on you,” she admitted. 

I stared at her, realizing what she was saying to me. 

Despite what she’d done to me and to our relationship, I felt sorry for her. She didn’t deserve it. 

But before I could speak, I felt a presence behind me. 

I smiled as soft arms hugged me from behind and I was given a sweet kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning, babe. Want me to make coffee for you?” 

“That would be great, babe,” I replied. “I’ll just finish this up. It’s Atty. Bong’s client. An annulment case.”

“Okay,” she said before leaving me to get coffee.

Vanessa stared back at me from the screen. 

“Suzy is my secretary. And my fiance.” I told her with a happy smile, answering her silent question. “I will send you the copy of the decision. Just chat with me if you have questions.”

“I’m happy for you,” she said. 

“Thanks. Bye!” 

I ended the chat and went to the kitchen to find Suzy. Hugging her from behind, I sweetly asked, “Will you stay here with me while there’s quarantine?”

She happily nodded. “I can work here, too. And we also have a wedding to plan, remember?”

I turned her to face me. “Of course, I remember. Whatever you want for our wedding, you got it, future Mrs. Lee.”

She laughed, and again, I marveled at how lucky I was to have her. I never thought my heart would love again. I never thought I’d be happy again after Vanessa. But then Suzy came. 

And I knew I found the right woman for me. 

She healed my heart. This time, with her, it will not break.

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