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If I Had Known That Today Would Have Been The Last Day That I Saw You

If I had known that
today would have been
the last day that I saw you, I would have
traced the lining of your face longer
used the tip of my finger to touch you
from the protruding piece of hair,
down to the crevices of your eyes
the crease where your glasses should be,
and how your lashes fall to meet your skin
right above the tip of your nose
the softness of your cheek
how it becomes a subtle shade of pink
when you look away from me

What an honor it is to have
the texture of your skin
against my callous hands
as I drag my thumb across your faded lips
slowly, gently
without a hint of rush,
exploring what it does to me
and how there is more to feel
more than I already do

If I had known that
today would have been
the last day that I saw you, I would have
painted what I have touched
brought them back home with me
so as the days passed by
I would never have to forget
how your skin felt
against mine

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