Katie Velez
He has grown attached to her and swore to protect her. As the guardian of Apartment 213, it meant protecting her even from threats she couldn't see.
Carmel Ilustrisimo
Lola Donna is more than ninety years old and her three great-grandchildren are fond of her bedtime stories and cookies. One night during quarantine, she tells them a story she had kept inside her for the longest time.
Hezekiah Louie Zaraspe
"Your Instagram" is about a persona whose only access to his beloved is her Instagram wall. His is a story all too familiar for those whose affections can only be seen and felt from afar. The only time he feels his love is complete is through experiencing her through the artificiality of photographs and short clips of her.
Jany Ligutan
A short poetry imagining a world where everything is free.
Hezekiah Louie Zaraspe
"Black Snakes Are Innocent, the Gold Are Venomous" is a short story that focuses on the cosmopolitan nature of the world (and lack thereof) as bridged by literature. A quiet George Floyd story, "Black Snakes" examines the racial biases and prejudices that remain to be too familiar for Ricardo, the story's protagonist, as he soldiers on as a Filipino and as a person in a world filled with people whose words and actions are harsh toward people like him.
Mary Joy Abalos
It's been months since I last saw you. If I knew that day would be the last time I saw you, I would have let that last touch linger a little longer.
Keira Viresse
Vera wants to earn extra income by selling recyclable materials to the local junk shop. However, witnessing an encounter among a garbage collector and two street children will change her perspective on helping others.
Christine Marie Lim Magpile
Ang Hibik ng Kalikasan: Isang Koleksiyon ay nagtataglay ng mga tula ukol sa pagpapahalaga sa kalikasan at/o kapaligiran. Hinihimok ng tula ang mambabasa na kumilos para sa pangangalaga ng kagubatan at mga isla dahil ito ay ating tirahan at para sa kapakanan ng susunod na henerasyon.