One of a woman’s greatest strength is her capacity to love. She experiences varying types of love in her lifetime. No love is the same as the other, yet it does not mean one is lesser than the other. Her heart allows her to love a partner as fiercely as she would protect her child. Her love is unlimited, and so are the stories that can be told about it. That is what we would like to delve into this women’s short story anthology.

Women Short Story Anthology 2021 | LitArt Publishing

The Love that Shapes a Woman

We are looking for short stories that explore the woman’s point of view on love and how it changes her. It could be about love for family, for work, for a pet, for her children, etc. Talk about the love that shapes a woman. Talk about the love that shaped YOU. You are free to explore, express, and interpret the theme in your own way. After all, love is love in its unique way.

If you’re a female writer, regardless of nationality and ethnicity,
we would love to read your work.

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Want tips? Although we like powerful women characters, we don’t like cliche. We adore stories with strong character development. Feel free to mix other genre into your story, just stay away from gore, porn, sexist, and racist themes.

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