Murder of Crows: An Excerpt

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In a world where it’s ‘kill or be killed’, Knox had lived his life with blood on his hands. Killing others meant living longer than anyone and for Knox and the rest of the boys in the Mythmire Shack, it has become a job that fed them every day. With a Kingdom that encourages the slaughter of Coordinators, Knox knew he had to find a way to stop the mistreatment of his kind. Armed with his genius planning and a secret that he had kept since he was young, he will rise up and lead his own army. He will fight the Kingdom’s current monarchy, even at the cost of his own life.

For Richer, For Richest (An Excerpt)

Braxton Albrecht Neumann is one of the multi-billionaire heirs of a German elite family and Sojiro Natsume is a police officer tasked to arrest him. by his desire to go home and be with his mother for possibly the last time, Braxton teams up with Sojiro to solve the murder cases and clear his name.

Two years later, a budding businesswoman, Chrysta Ainsworth tells him about Julian Blackwood, the criminal who threatens every multi-million business owner. She and Braxton agree to team up to find a way to expose his crimes to the public and while Braxton doesn’t really show much interest in dating in general, Chrysta finds herself falling in love.

The final part focuses on Ban as a family man. When he thinks everything is going picture perfect, Hugh, his most trusted butler, has betrayed them. He goes home with his family to Germany to look for answers about this sudden turn of events and finds out that the problem runs deeper into the Neumann family’s past.

When I Speak of Home: A Call for Poetry Submission

LitArt Hub When I Speak of Home

Are you a poet who writes in any of the Philippines’ local languages? Let’s create a collection! The theme is “When I speak of home”. This call for submission aims to promote and encourage Filipinos to appreciate the beauty of our local languages. Happy World Poetry Day!


LitArt Hub Featured Image Biktima

The poem Biktima is about bullying. It is written by Riza Comilang

Three Haikus

three haikus by mayumi cruz background

Three Haikus MAYUMI CRUZ turquoise water creepover black ugly pebblesembraced by sea foam.amid the howlingwind, can you hear the soft sighof a lover’s heart?the worms crawl out ofthe ground, the soil celebratesit’s rendered fertile.

Embracing Change

Embracing Change Mayumi Cruz Medium: Acrylic/Gold Leaf When we learn to embrace change in a positive way, we turn the bleak to bright, the dark to color. And eventually, brightness will defeat the bleak, and color will cover up the darkness. 

8Letters LitFest: Encouraging Indie

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8Letters Bookstore and Publishing’s Annual LitFest introduces writers to the world of self-publishing and how it allows them to embrace their passion for writing. The LitFest is also a treat for readers, because 8Letters introduces unfamiliar voices with unique storytelling.

House No. 57 (Part 1 of ??)

“I will defy my fate in the same way they denied my destiny.” Lucilla looks at the black liquid and into the abyss of her cup, weighing on the dream that woke her. She wonders what the dream means, especially its peculiar timing. The woman’s words echoes in her head, her defiant face embedded in […]