Silver Linings, The First Anthology of LitArt Hub

Silver Lining, LitArt Hub's first anthology will be released soon. It is a collection of stories of love, hope and courage in a pandemic setting. Each story draws from the endless source of love and compassion despite the situation we're all facing. Are you excited to read the stories?
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Table of Contents

Tough times bring out the best or the worst in people. The current situation we are all facing brought and continues to bring us welcome irony. It brought many people together despite staying in our homes and keeping a physical distance with each other. To Mayumi and me, it led to the birth of this site and the first anthology of LitArt Hub, Silver Linings.

Two months ago, in the midst of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, Mayumi Cruz, or Ate Mi, as I fondly call her, and I got a chance to chat. After getting up to speed on what is happening to our lives, the topic naturally leads to what we both love to do—writing. From that chat, LitArt Hub was born. You can read more about that here.

It is both exciting and nerve-wracking that we will be publishing our first anthology, short of two months from the time we launched LitArt Hub. Nerve-wracking because new ventures always are. Exciting because we’re thrilled to share our stories.

About Silver Linings

The pandemic put a halt on many lives, but it also awakened something within us. People’s creativity has become more alive these days. And even though there is fear, sadness, and bleakness around, there are still many who never lose hope. Every day, stories around us give us a glimpse of the goodness that still prevails and the love that always triumphs.

That is the thought behind the first anthology of LitArt Hub, Silver Linings. It is a gathering of stories about love, hope and compassion in a setting similar to what we have now.

This anthology gathered ten writers, including Ate Mi and I. We came from unique backgrounds and we have distinct ways of telling our stories. But together, we’ve woven a tapestry that embodies our hope and continuous search for positivity in these trying times.

LitArt Hub Featured Image Silver Linings

A Glimpse of the Stories from Silver Linings

With a hodge-podge of writers as we have, you can expect the stories to be colorful and unique. Here are the stories included in the anthology.


Mayumi Cruz

A man from the future travels back in time to prevent a deadly virus from wiping out the human race by searching for the doctor who formulated a secret vaccine. 

Ynishka of the Other World

Paola Aliedo

An aswang princess sets foot on the human world for the first time when she volunteers to save a witch believed to have caught the virus and meets the man who saved her life once. 


Paola Luna

Before he could lose his chance, a nurse caught in the middle of the pandemic takes extra measures to express the love he found in a woman infected with the virus.

Mouse Trap

Alina R. Co

Trapped, alone, and starving during a pandemic, Nancy thought she couldn’t have it any worse, until a tiny mouse trespasses on her life and turns it upside down.

Memento Mori

Mia Daquial

Sometimes, messages from beyond the grave, and for Esther Soriano, there’s one message she must give before time runs out.

The White Butterfly

MD Jau

Torn between the love she nurtured and the pain of losing her husband, a widow caught in a web of emotional conflicts found her strength to move forward when she realized that what she needs is already inside of her.


J.R. McKay

Stuck between heaven and hell, a guilt-ridden frontliner couple struggles to find peace without knowing what happened to the son they left behind after sacrificing their lives.

Weak Heart

Nitz Tan

After another day at the hospital, a young and hopeful doctor yearns for a long break but gets an encounter with a child stuck in solitude.

Toys of Joy

Valerie Tantuachut

A toy maker receives an irresistible offer from an eccentric woman amid a pandemic lockdown: the opportunity to provide joy to others while saving his own.

Secret Healer

Katie Velez

In a world where myths and deities belong to fantasy stories, a deity found her place in the modern world as a hospital orderly, but had to deal with a pandemic plaguing humans without revealing her powers.

Meet the Contributors

For our first anthology, LitArt Hub was blessed with talented and enthusiastic contributors. Everyone is pitching in and working hard to produce this book. 

What story are you excited to read?

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