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POEM | To Be Fifteen Again

& to be swimming for whole afternoons, bursting

to the sunlight-stained surface dripping summer-slick blue. which is to say

i have begun to wish for golden things

again, like the sight

of kickboards stacked and ready & the scent of chlorine and rainwater

in morning & the cadence of my captain’s

laughter, loud enough

to carry, and the me i could have been

had i not started thinking of my bones as

marble anchors instead of butterfly wings. what i miss the most is how

those days shone like satin.  how the midseason rainwater

sprawled into the pool as we shuddered

through the current

together. how even as we dove headfirst into it

with chlorine-stained shoulders and sun-dizzied eyes, the water remained untamed

and relentless. what i am trying to say is

take me back to the last time love

was present. until then i’ll remember us:

a team unchanging. we could have been legends

in another life,

bright-eyed, and drunk on pool water, and between us

a love so limitless, so large only the sky

could have contained it.

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