Welcome to LitArt Hub

We may start small with just the two of us, but that's fine. It means we have plenty of room for growth.
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Table of Contents

We’ve done it again, Katie and I.

Back in 2017, the two of us talked ourselves into forming a women’s writing group, eventually teaming up with four other friends and giving birth to SWEETBooks (She Writes, Entertains, and Empowers through Books). That year, we published our own anthology in print and on Amazon—The Trouble With Men.

SWEET Books The Trouble With Men Cover
The Trouble With Men
SWEET Books Writing Group
They’re either smother-them-with-kisses hot or kick-them-on-the-nuts annoying. Seriously, how much trouble are these men? Get to know our awesome heroines and read how they deal with the troublesome men in their lives.

Sadly, life intervened: adulting, family, work. SB took a backseat.

Ironically, it took a pandemic to get me and Katie chatting again. Over the years we just virtually waved at each other, popped occasional greetings and well-wishes on social media. Maybe it was cabin fever, or frustration because of the forced isolation, or loneliness in being cooped up inside the house. 

Or maybe it was fate.

One day, we exchanged hellos, then we got to chatting, catching up on each other. In just an hour, we managed to talk ourselves (again!) into creating something different from our past writing venture. We thought of short fiction, poems, and artworks coming together in one place which they can call home.

LitArt Hub is born.

LitArt Hub (Literature & Art Hub, or also, LAHub) is designed to be a three-dimensional platform for both seasoned and promising writers and other creatives to showcase their craft and talent. 

This three-dimensional platform includes publishing quality works on our website, in a quarterly digital magazine, and in print.

In general, we welcome submissions of short works of fiction, poetry, photography and creative art that are emotive and compelling. 

For our website, submissions will be ongoing year-round.

We will call themed submissions within a specified time for inclusion to our quarterly digital magazine. 

Every year, we may pick the most popular stories for print publication. Special calls for submission may also be announced. (We have just recently closed submissions for an anthology which is currently undergoing the editing process.)

As we lay rest to SWEETBooks and take a step forward to LitArt Hub, we encourage you to take this journey with us. Here at LAHub, the write place to create. Where we can converge and let our creative juices flow.

At the risk of being cheesy (or corny?), I’m going to borrow Captain America’s words:

“Creatives, assemble!” 


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