I love speaking in Filipino. Yes, that’s true. Even though I write in English, my first language is Filipino and I love it. And I also love it when I’m spoken to in Filipino. And by Filipino, I mean, the pure Tagalog without a mix of English. Perhaps that is the reason why I like reading poems in Tagalog. The same goes with other Philippine languages. I find our languages fascinating, if not quite romantic. But, I digress.

In 1999, UNESCO adopted March 21 to celebrate the poetic contributions made in literature, not just those written in major language but most especially, the unknown languages. It is a day when we promote cultural and linguistic diversity. And so today, being the World Poetry Day as started by UNESCO in 1999, we are calling for another round of submissions. This time of poetry with a theme: When I Speak of Home.

LitArt Publishing When I Speak of Home: A Call for Poetry Submissions
When I Speak of Home: A Call for Poetry Submissions

When I Speak of Home

The aim of When I Speak of Home anthology is to give an opportunity for other Philippine languages to be read and appreciated, most especially by Filipinos. That is why we are looking for poetry submissions written in any of our Philippine languages. The rise of technology, modernization, and globalization encouraged the youth to become global citizens and speak global languages. Here at LitArt Hub, we would like to encourage you to go back to your roots.

I especially encourage poets who grew up speaking another language, but moved for school and study, and don’t have plenty of opportunity to write or speak in their local language. I implore you to reminisce about home, ponder about the present, and think about your dreams. What do you miss about home? Where is home?

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